Work with a small group of other explorers, seeking to find achievement and adventure in life. Discuss works of great authors about key topics in order to create your life path. These thinkers, from ancient to modern times, will astonish you with their relevance to your life and today’s problems.

You’ll be surprised at how your reasoning powers will grow in our collaborative groups, a place where reason is the only authority and teachers are guides to help you understand the minds of some of the greatest thinkers to have walked the earth. You will be able to talk about politics without talking about politics!

You will build your autonomy while learning team skills that will serve you well the rest of your life.


Learn how to write from a professional schooled in Shakespeare who honed his writing skills as a Creative Director for J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, Malachy Walsh. He had to know how to “write to get something done,” and he’ll teach you how too!

Gain confidence in your ability to explain, persuade, think, or dramatize. You’ll also learn about personal finance, economics, the stock market, technology, and the role of art in a well-lived life.

You’ll explore vibrant and beautiful Chicago and learn how its history, architecture, business, science, and art are deeply connected to ideas and each other.

Have fun by adventuring with fellow students. You’ll enjoy improv comedy classes, discover the deeper meaning in movies, explore beaches, gardens, and snowscapes.

You will also participate in convivial dinners and games together every week. This gap year program will awaken your life!

To get more details, you can read more extensively about participant experiences and outcomes from past week-long programs at this page.