About Robert L. Campbell

Member, Board of Advisors

Robert Campbell is Professor of Psychology at Clemson University, where he specializes in developmental and cognitive psychology.  His research interests include psychological theory, developmental theory, self-esteem, moral development, and the psychology of music.

He has written about the development of mathematical reasoning in children, the development of expertise in adults, and the development of moral values across the human life-span.

Robert is co-author of Knowing Levels and Developmental Stages and editor and translator of Jean Piaget’s Studies in Reflecting Abstraction.  Dr. Campbell edits New Ideas in Psychology and serves as Associate Editor of the Journal of Ayn Rand Studies

His co-authored, with John Chambers Christopher, An Interactivist-Hermeneutic Metatheory for Positive Psychology.

Robert is a member of the Jean Piaget Society and the Philosophy of Science Society. He is a retired and published jazz critic, and has extensively researched the life and career of the American jazz composer and performer Herman Poole Blount, known by his stage name of Sun Ra.