About Reena Kapoor

MEMBER, Board of Trustees

Currently a product management consultant with Gigster, Reena Kapoor has extensive product, marketing and brand management experience with Fortune 100 brands and successful software start-ups, including SoftCoin, iMerit, and Chingari Inc.

Ms. Kapoor emigrated to the United States from India in 1998 to attend Northwestern University, where she went on to earn her Master's. After graduation, she worked at big brands like Proctor & Gamble and Kraft Foods.

In an interview with Kaizen newsletter, Reena explained why she emigrated to the United States: "Some of it was this very strong cultural value system, which says 'pursue a better life.' In that sense, the culture at that time in India—and continues to be—is this idea that you are going to better your life through education and pursuit of better options. And in IT that was very, very strong. "

"I had never traveled outside India. I had very little idea of the U.S. except from photographs of relatives who had been here and movies, and Hollywood was the only export at the time—of course there was no Internet. And you just had this 'faith' I guess in some ways that it’s a better life. I think also pretty early in my undergrad years I had read an author that I was very impressed by and she eulogized the United States quite a bit—her name was Ayn Rand. And so I was somewhat inspired by that as well and decided I’m going to make my life here."