About Lawrence I. Gould


Lawrence Gould is Professor of Physics at the University of Hartford. Gould earned his PhD from Temple University. 

His interests include:

  • Mathematical physics and nonlocal field theory
  • Philosophy of science and quantum physics
  • Computational physics using symbolic algebra
  • Interdisciplinary education
  • Restoring the scientific method to global climate analyses.

His published work has appeared in refereed journals, conference proceedings, and as chapters in books, including in the International Journal of Engineering ScienceScience, Religion, and Society:  History, Culture, and Controversy, Symmetries in Science XI, QUANTUM, New Directions in Cognitive Science and Interdisciplinary General Education: Questioning Outside the Lines.

Gould has been a Yale Visiting Fellow working in the area of symmetry in physics, and in the foundations of relativity and of quantum theory.

His hobbies include playing the violin, reading and writing poetry, swimming, and occasional bicycling and sailing.