About Andrew Humphries


Andrew Humphries is a PhD fellow with the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. He earned his BA in Liberal Arts from St. John's College and his MEd from Endicott College. His research interests include law and economics and Austrian economics.

At the Michael Polanyi College, Universidad Francisco Marroquin, Guatemala, Andrew moderated Socratic Practice dialogues about various texts, especially philosophy and history of mathematics and science, and taught introductory Attic Greek.

As an educational consultant for the Moving Picture Institute, Andrew wrote blended-learning educational supplements for the high school economics curriculum, "Fi$H: How an Economy Grows."

Andrew has served as an Academy Program Associate at the Centre for Civil Society, a public policy think tank in New Delhi, where he facilitated short courses in political economy for college students.

Other highlights of Andrew's career include:

  • Serving as a Facilitator for the Asia Liberty Forum in Nepal and India
  • Speaking at the Liberty International conference in Bali, Indonesia
  • Teaching in private Montessori and charter schools in the United States.