Another year in the books

We continue to see young adults impacted significantly by our educational programs. Our summer program brought students together from the US, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Ghana, and Brazil. We modernized our marketing and fundraising, added key advisors and board members, and made new strides in our Gap Year program.


Major changes and advances at the Great Connections


A major foundation has asked us to explore running a one-year experimental Gap Year program. Research and budgeting for the program have been completed and we are awaiting final approval. The expansion of our educational programs will give us significantly more reach, influence, and opportunity to impact the lives of young adults.

Marketing & Fundraising: This year we undertook a year-long project to thoroughly analyze every aspect of our digital strategy, presence, processes, and fundraising operations with a view to:

  • Making marked improvements and upgrading to industry  best practices
  • Positioning the organization to be able to scale and take advantage of new opportunities for growth.

We have upgraded all of our technology platforms, implemented advanced data operations and automation, and created an integrated marketing approach. This enables us to scale up our digital operations quickly and effectively as we grow and to remain highly efficient in our use of donor funds.