Reason & Love

Summer Seminar

Chicago, IL
Saturday, July 25 — Friday, July 31, 2020

For students 16 and older

Skills To Change Your Future - And Save Money!

Don’t be one of the millions who take 6 years to graduate college and pay, on average, $40,000 more!

Get a better grip on your education and your future plans by radically strengthening your ability to think and judge for yourself:

Join us for another Great Connections Week-Long Seminar and take your education into your own hands. Gain confidence and skills that will make you exceptional in college or wherever you go next.

Don’t believe you can do that in a week? Hear a Great Connections alum describe its life-changing effects on her.

And do it all while enjoying great camaraderie with fellow students from around the world!

A Faculty Better Than The Ivy League

Learn from “the best that has been thought and said,” from Aristotle to Kant, Mises to Shakespeare, Euclid to Rand. These and other great thinkers will help you discover the often-hidden connections between classic principles and contemporary controversies about Reason and Love.

  • Increase your ability to ask questions, crucial for success in life.
  • Become an “ideological detective,” discerning hidden assumptions and objective truth.
  • Increase your ability to present facts and arguments with clarity and confidence no matter the subject.
  • Learn to write like a professional with our Socratic Scribbling class led by a former Creative Director of J Walter Thompson.
  • Confront riveting questions about happiness, social pressure, the relation of reason and emotion, and self-understanding.
  • Examine art’s power, your own response, and consider what makes something a work of art – not.
  • Analyze the virtue or vice of self-love in Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics.
  • Explore the application of the concept of objectivity to poetry through the love poetry of Emily Dickinson and Edmund Spenser.
  • Confront riveting issues such as the source of authentic love and how to measure it in Rand’s “Concepts of Consciousness.”

Think hard, work hard, and play hard

Experience intensive learning sessions, provocative discussions, and stimulating off-campus events. Enjoy an unusual camaraderie with your fellow students, fostered by the rich environment and your new-found independence.

Discover the exciting and beautiful City of Chicago (recently named again as the best city for travel in the U.S. by CondeNast Travelers).


All of our instructors are expert in the special methods we use to give you a challenging and enjoyable experience of optimal education. Read about them at this link.

We also engage accomplished professionals to talk to about their careers, how they navigated them, and why they love what they do.  These have included

– William Dale, world-renowned geriatrician doctor,

– Daniel S. Curran, specialist on the Chicago Board of Trade who ran his own hedge fund,

– Ryan Cox, baritone from The Chicago Symphony Chorus

– John Kulczuga, owner of a factory manufacturing highly specialized technical parts,

– Sheri Senese, a ballerina from The Ballet Company of Geneva Switzerland,

– Jim Kandrac, founder and president of a data storage company,

– Karen Brienzo, an entrepreneur reviving Jack Denst Designs.

More information forthcoming on who you’ll talk to this summer.





Seminar opens at 3 PM, Saturday, July 25th and ends with a party on Saturday, August 1st. You can see our schedule here!

The Great Connections facility, 11107 S. Longwood Drive, Chicago, directly across from the 111th St. Rock Island Metra stop and a few blocks from the I57 exit at 111th Street.

Available downtown or near the facility. You can find more information here.

$700 which covers all instruction, learning materials, scheduled activities, and two dinners. Limited scholarships available apply here.

Check out more information about the philosophy behind our week-long programs here.

No matter where participants go after our program, this empowering experience will serve them well. The knowledge and skills acquired here could prove to be their most valuable asset in college—and life.

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