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Real freedom starts within, with self-understanding, self-responsibility, self-direction, determination, and a nimble ability to adapt to life’s challenges.

We will help you “Light Your Own Path” by showing you how you can make the best decisions for yourself while exchanging ideas with other adventurers searching for a better way forward. Gain the tools and habits to excel and leap ahead.

Weekend Seminars

For adults 16 and older

Learn from the greatest thinkers and worthwhile modern works in a 3-day weekend of riveting conversation, explorations of our surround, and convivial meals.

Delve into topics such as Reason and Power or Reason and Love with a group of like-minded individuals, ages 16 to 80. Explore the real-world implications on outings. Previous locations include: Chicago, Atlanta, Silicon Valley, Bay area Maryland.


Week-Long Seminars

For young adults 16 to 24 years old

The week-long seminars series brings young adults together to discuss the greatest works and ideas of civilization. Participants will improve cognitive reasoning skills, learn how civilization has been shaped by the great books of the past, improve their social skills and self-confidence, and make meaningful friendships with fellow explorers. All discussions are held in groups of 15 or less and cover a range of texts from philosophy to physics. The seminars also include visits to art museums, historic sites, concerts, famous buildings, and more, all guided by experts in their fields. Location: Chicago, IL.


Boost Your Future

For young adults 16 to 24 years old

This program is for:

Students who have decided to take a gap semester or year, rather than “go” to college online and pay big bucks for a small experience.

Or students disappointed that college classes are mostly like high school classes.

Or students sick of the factory approach to education and to their future, sick of putting one foot in front of the other down the assigned path to the assigned job their parents, their teachers,
their friends tell them is best.

Scholarships are available.




Great Books Conversations

For ages 16 on up

These biweekly discussions will enlighten you about classic texts that have extraordinary relevance to modern life. The conversations –not debates-are designed to allow participants to judge ideas and issues for yourself and come to your own reasoned conclusion.

Free event.

Overseas Trips

Ages 18 on up; 16 with accompanying parent

Take your understanding and experience of the greatest thinkers of the past and worthwhile modern works to the next level by visiting the cities in which they were written. You will explore the implications of the works on outings, enjoy convivial meals and riveting conversation, and learn how the history of the ancient civilizations shaped the world around them. Destinations have included Rome, Greece, and Sicily.

Pricing will vary depending on destination.

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