Great Connections Podcast

Our podcast is devoted to exploring all the philosophical and psychological ideas and practices that influence our lives, and help—or hinder—us from living fully as free and fulfilled persons. This podcast will empower you  to take control of your thinking and your life.


The Art of Self-Construction: Rule Yourself

Each person constructs his or her own mind - whether they know it or not! If you want to live independently as a free person, you need to be aware of what ideas you hold.


Thinking in principle

Take control of your own mind by learning to think in principle. Marsha and Liz examine the ways in which this practice enables you to efficiently and effectively analyze and identify ideas, situations, and courses of action by thinking in principle.


Violence on Campus

You’ve seen the violence on campuses: the shouting down of speakers, the physical attack on people of opposing ideologies. You’ve also probably heard that words are considered violence. Where did all of this come from? From the ideas of Postmodernism. 


The Concept of Self

How much of who you are is really under your control?  What are your limits? How much of you is determined by biology, by the world around you? What makes you you?


Interview with Jake Ilson

Now a tech advocate and ambitious 22 year old, Jake Ilson was 16 years-old when he first attended the Great Connections Seminar. Hear him describe how it changed his life in profound way.


Neuroessentialism or You Are Your Brain

Neuroessentialism is the theory that our conscious experience is nothing more than our brain activity.  Marsha interviews author William Schultz