For Parents


An Opportunity for Growth

A gap year is an opportunity for your children to think through their lives before working or wasting money on college tuition or career ventures.

The Great Connections Leap Year is a nine month gap year program which has been carefully designed to help your child strengthen his or her reasoning powers, knowledge, social skills, and independence. Your child will have a head start on college or work, and increased autonomy for lifetime success.

Our methods encourage free speech, reasoned disagreements, and learning about ideas from all sides of the ideological spectrum, including the often-neglected philosophical, economic, historic, and literary works of the freedom movement. We connect ideas to living and provide students with valuable practical experience.

We’ll talk about politics without talking about politics!

Benefits of The Great Connections Leap Year Program

  • An opportunity for them to deeply think about their future and whether they’re going in the right direction - with top notch guidance

  • Development of excellent, deeply developed reasoning powers that will enable them to make good judgments and avoid many pitfalls in life

  • Increased self-awareness and personal growth that results in greater maturity

  • Mentored development of their individualized goals and increased independence

  • Advanced social skills and emotional intelligence, so valuable for successful work,

    family, and social life

  • Experience with career possibilities and networking

  • Knowledge of different cultures and perspectives

  • Help in choosing the right college or university

  • Confidence in choosing the correct major in college

  • Graduating in three or four years, not six



The American Gap Year Institute research shows that…

  • Thirty-seven percent of students transfer colleges and stay longer, often due to lack of experience and knowledge in how to make decisions on their life course. Time to graduate balloons, often to six years, with an average of $22,000 per year more costs.

  • Even those “…tops in their high school classes [and with] high SAT scores.” Find “In college, they are working hard but fail to get any traction.”

  • Gap year students had higher subsequent GPA’s throughout college and experience higher levels of job satisfaction, with 81% very likely to recommend the experience to others.