The Ancient Roman Republic Experience

Overseas Trip

August 28-September 11, 2021

Join us for a unique experience as we combine fascinating travel with intense learning and recreational fun in Europe this summer!

Our learning centers around the Ancient Roman Republic. We’ll explore the philosophy, values, history, geography, architecture, literature, and entertainments of this hugely influential society. We’ll learn about how it spread its organizational and engineering abilities, along with Greek philosophy and culture, throughout the Mediterranean and Europe. The result was a high period of human flourishing through trade, especially during the Pax Romana.

We’ll start in the Roman province of Pannonia – present day Budapest and the forests of Hungary and Slovenia – where the Roman military defended the Republic against roving Germanic tribes.

From there we’ll travel southward to Cisalpine Gaul – the northern reaches of Italy, on to Rome, then Naples, which was the Romans’ resort area, and end the trip in the gorgeous region of the Amalfi Coast. See below for more information.

(Colosseum photo by Willian West on Unsplash, Rome aerial view photo by Dan on Unsplash)

Start in

 Budapest, site of Aquincum, the Ancient Roman military city that protected the Republic’s province of Pannonia from invading German tribes.

On to

Palmanova, Cisalpine Gaul (northern Italy).


Padua, birthplace of Livy who wrote The History of the Romans.


Verona, home of poet Gaius Valerius Catullus – and Juliet’s Wall.


In Bardolino on Lake Garda.


The old Etruscan town and Roman military base of Arrezzo, for a wine tour.

Finally Rome itself

We’ll see why it’s called The Eternal City.

South to Naples

Resort area of the Romans; its museum has a spectacular collection from Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Stop in

Herculaneum, destroyed and preserved by Vesuvius.

A Colorful Ending

In the lovely town of Praiano, on the stunning Amalfi Coast. Kayaking!


From $3240 for two weeks, double occupancy. To purchase, go here. 

Full price of our 2 week trip is: $3,600 double occupancy or $4,100 for single occupancy.
Either full payment or a 75% deposit is required.

Full price for either of our 1 week trips is: $2,400 double occupancy or $2,640 single occupancy.
For the one-week trips a 10% discount is available to those who pay a 75% deposit before the trip (date to be announced).

Deposit are non-refundable.

The remaining balance will be due (date to be announced).


  • All three star hotels with A/C & WIFI & breakfast,
  • Transportation between towns
  • Guides at all museums and Herculaneum,
  • Vineyard and wine tour,
  • Special lecture on the Ancient Roman Republic,
  • A course of study of remarkable and world-affecting thinkers, in the locations where they lived and worked, created and facilitated by experts Marsha Familaro Enright and Felicia Goglia of The Great Connections.
For the complete and detailed itinerary with activities and readings, please visit this page.

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