Our Vision

Real freedom starts within


When we think of free societies, we often think of industry, free markets, and minimal government. But real freedom starts within, with self-understanding, self-responsibility, self-direction, determination, and a nimble ability to adapt to life’s challenges. Autonomous people do not easily tolerate being ruled.

Yet, the modern classroom, from grade school to graduate school, relies heavily on a top-down structure of a single arbiter of knowledge, often in the position of lecturer and discussion leader as well as knowledge and moral authority. This structure embodies collectivist ideals of social control and strongly helps to foist their ideas and values onto students, such as: social justice, moral relativism, and limiting free speech.  
By controlling the ideas and the way they are taught to young people, the collectivists have come to control the ideas in the culture.

This educational structure needs to be examined, questioned—and overthrown.  

Alexis de Tocqueville once observed:

“Genuine enlightenment arises principally from experience, and if one had not habituated the Americans little by little to govern themselves, the literary knowledge that they possess would not greatly help them today to succeed in it…[This is how they developed] a taste for freedom and the art of being free.”

The free future demands more than the dissemination of information; where do individuals learn how to live autonomously and use that information in their lives?

The free future requires an educational—a psychological—technology that suits the needs and reflects the aims of the free human being.

The Reason, Individualism, Freedom Institute (RIFI) has developed and implemented such a psychological technology in our Great Connections programs.


Marsha Familaro Enright
Founder, President
Great Connections Seminars

Marsha Enright with Great Connections moderator Liz Parker.

Marsha Enright with Great Connections moderator Liz Parker.