About John Tomasi

Member, Board of Advisors

Political theorist John Tomasi is Associate Professor of Political Science at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island. He specializes in political theory and ethics and public policy. He is the author of Free Market Fairnesss, Liberalism Beyond Justice:  Citizens, Society and the Boundaries of Political Theory, as well as numerous articles.  After teaching at Stanford and Princeton, Dr. Tomasi founded and directs the Political Theory Project, a Great Books program for a dedicated group of students at Brown.  The program seeks to develop a research cluster to “bring the conceptual rigor of political theory to bear on normative questions.”

Tomasi also holds an appointment at the University of Arizona's Center for the Philosophy of Freedom where he is a University Associate and Research Professor. Tomasi received his BA from Colby College and did his graduate work in political philosophy at the University of Arizona (MA) and Oxford University (BPhil, DPhil). He has held positions at the University Center for Human Values at Princeton, the Department of Philosophy at Stanford, and the Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard.