How do I live a remarkable life?

Have you ever wondered: 

  • How do I know what I know?

  • How do I determine what’s right and wrong?

  • How do I identify the best conditions under which to live?

  • How do I build a life of meaning and creative achievement?

  • How do I live a remarkable life?

The Great Connections seminars are focused on such fundamental life questions. These are the most important questions any human needs to address, but they’re almost never taught in college.

At the Great Connections we are devoted to empowering each individual with the knowledge, reasoning skills, and independence to understand the world and build a life of adventure and creative achievement. What actually happens at a seminar though?

Timeless Wisdom of the Classics

You'll be reading and discussing classic works with civilization-changing import such as:

  • Livy’s History of Rome, which shaped the early American republic,

  • Francis Bacon’s New Organon, which made rockets and cell phones possible, and

  • Joseph Schumpeter’s Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy, which reveals the power of creative destruction.

And we always include important individualist thinkers, such as Carl Menger, Ludwig von Mises, and Ayn Rand, whose ideas are crucial to defending the foundations of a free society.

But our method is as important as the content. 

The Art of Living Free

The Great Connections instructor is a guide and facilitator, not an authority figure telling you what to think. You and your peers engage in examining, analyzing, and discussing the material first-hand using an evidence-based method and a unique shared inquiry methodology.

You synthesize the information yourself, rather than have the information and answers handed to you.

In the seminar marketplace of ideas reason is the only authority. This means that the best reasoning along with the best evidence has the ultimate authority in our discussion environment. 

The seminar functions as a market of ideas, skills, and values where reason, combined with the invisible hand of individual self-interest, results in greater knowledge, reasoning, and social skills for all. The values and virtues developed in each person at the seminar help to create the experience of a free, voluntary, and cooperative society. It foreshadows what is possible in a freer future, while giving you the opportunity to practice the art of living free. 

Using a unique shared inquiry methodology, participants discover remarkable connections between the ideas they read about and discuss and the contemporary world that they inhabit. This is where our name — the Great Connections — comes from.

It is in this process they commonly grasp a deeper sense of autonomy and personal power. 

Seminar participants find themselves liberated and transformed.

Would you like to read some of their stories, in their own words?