How do I apply to the student program?

Sign up for the student program announcements and this spring we'll send you an application form to fill out. The student program is held in the summer, so expect to receive details on the application process in the spring of 2018. 

How much does the student program cost? 

The cost for the one-week student Great Connections program is around $2,000 including board, materials, and the program itself. 

Do you offer student scholarships?

Yes! Thanks to the contributions of key donors, we are usually able to find funding for all those who need it. Sign up for the student program announcements to receive scholarship details for the upcoming 2018 program. 

How do I know if the program is worth the cost?

We recommend that you speak with previous attendees and/or their parents. Fill out this form today to get connected!


How much do the programs for working professionals and retirees cost? 

They vary in cost depending on their length and location. Prices range from a few hundred dollars for a weekend program in the United States to over $2,000 for a learning adventure overseas.