Ayn Rand's Ethics:
A Study of Ethical Egoism

Using our powerful discussion method, we meet weekly to dive into Ayn Rand’s ethical philosophy.

For Young

This is a group for all young adults. Whether you’re an avid Rand reader or someone who has just learned about Ayn Rand, you’re welcome.


We’re not a debate society. We aim to work together to understand her ideas. We cultivate respectful dialogue while we examine the reason and evidence for each person’s questions, ideas, and conclusions.


We read texts that are packed with philosophical depth relevant to everyday life. In each conversation, you’ll walk away with actionable insights for your own personal goals.

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Who Is Ayn Rand?

The late Ayn Rand is one of the most important philosophers and writers of the 20th century. Her best-selling book, Atlas Shrugged, is regularly touted among the most influential books in history.

She has also been the source of significant controversy. Just consider the title of her book The Virtue of Selfishness.

And yet, her books sell into the millions each year, 50+ years after publication.

Today her ideas on the nature of reality, capitalism, art, and morality continue to inspire new generations.

Ayn Rand
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What's This Group About?

The Great Connections is an educational organization based in Chicago. We’re devoted to fostering active minds, empowering each individual with the knowledge, reasoning skills, and independence to understand the world and build a life of adventure and creative achievement.

Our online discussion group on Ayn Rand’s ideas brings diverse individuals together to discuss how Rand’s breakthrough philosophy applies to the most essential issues in life. Readings will include:

  • The Westerner, Clark
  • The Objectivist Ethics, Rand
  • Isn’t Everyone Selfish, Branden
  • The Problem With Selfishness, Enright
  • Choosing Life, Kelley

How Does the Group Work?

We use a powerful collaborative inquiry method to foster rich discussions.

Our seminars aren’t typical. We follow a special set of principles and considerations to create the most conducive environment for an enjoyable, productive discussion —not a debate— in which we reason together about the text so each person can come to his or her own conclusions.

It’s a free program offered via Zoom, and we host meetings weekly on Monday evenings, 7:45-9:15 PM Central Daylight Time.

There is a limit of 15 people per session, so sign up soon!

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Why Should You Join?

Our discussion groups aren’t for everybody. We invite curious, respectful young adults and students who are eager to share their perspective and thoughtfully consider that of other participants. In this way, everybody can expect to grow together!

If that sounds like you, then here are just a handful of reasons you’ll want to join ASAP.

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