Conversations with Marsha: Video Games and the Mind

Marsha interviews Jordan Zimmerman,  and Mike Shapiro, who speak to their experience as gamers and how gaming significantly boosted their professional success and intellectual growth.

They also consider what cognitive, social, and other skills and knowledge can be learned from playing videogames.

Jordan never went to college but is a distributed systems and cloud developer. Formerly on the Platform team at Netflix, he is currently President/CEO of Aisa Software Consulting. He created Apache Curator, the popular Apache ZooKeeper client as well as other open source projects. He and his wife live in Panama City, Panama.

Mike is a composer who lives in Los Angeles writes music for video games, as well as film, TV, the concert hall, and musical theatre. He has a B.S. in Cognitive Science from Carnegie Mellon, as well as a Masters in Music Composition from New York University and he’s a graduate of the film scoring program at The University of Southern California. To learn more about him, see

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