Conversations with Marsha: How the Great Connections Can Help You

In this third episode, Marsha visits with chemical engineer and musician Lucy Hair, mother of one of the first students who attended the Great Connections Summer seminar, sponsored by The Reason, Individualism, Freedom Institute (RIFI).

A wide-ranging dialogue about how to choose a career, the life-changing effects of The Great Connections program on her son, and issues with current education.

Lucy Hair: “It made him realize he could understand extremely difficult stuff…’if I choose to…I can take it apart and understand it’…One of the most profound things for me to see when he came back from this experience…[was that it] helped him to understand intellectually and to justify his optimism and his outlook on life.”

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The Great Connections Week-Long Seminar –…
The American Council of Trustees and Alumni –
The Measure of Reality –…
Charlie Trotter –…

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