The Great Connections
Gap Year Program


A majority of our Great Connections Seminar attendees experience an increased sense of autonomy, personal confidence, and improved cognitive independence.


The Great Connections Gap Year Program is a proposed nine-month educational program for high school upper classmen and graduates.  The program uses our unique shared inquiry methodology applied to ______ subjects.  This Gap Year Program is designed to powerfully prepare students to find, choose and succeed in a college specialty and career path in the future economy.  

Why a Gap Year Program?

Lower education is faltering, higher education has become ever more expensive, and employers are expressing rising concern that young people are not prepared for work. Against this backdrop, increasing numbers of high school students are opting to enroll in a Gap Year program to "find themselves." Interest and enrollment in such programs is skyrocketing. Gap Year fairs have seen a 294% increase in attendance since 2010. 

Organizations offering Gap Year programs include Outward Bound, American University, and Princeton University.

Every year since 2009, our one-week Great Connections Seminars have achieved remarkable transformational effects for most of our students. Maria Jose Bernal Gaviria, a senior at Colegio Gimnasio Los Pinares in Medellin, Colombia, sums up the feeling most convey:

"I’m not the same person I was a week ago.”

The Great Connections Gap Year program offers a more thorough, developmentally based, psychologically and educationally complete plan for growing students’ powers and clarity of purpose than any other—therefore providing us with a highly competitive advantage.

If we can get powerful results after one week, imagine what we can do with one school year.