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Do you feel trapped in the education system because you need a degree?

Are you sick of the factory approach to education and to your future? Putting one foot in front of the other down the assigned path to the assigned job your parents, your teachers, your friends tell you is the best for you?

Are you a student who has decided to take a gap semester or year, rather than “go” to college online and pay big bucks for a small experience?

Have you been disappointed that college classes are mostly like high school classes?

Are you tired of taking test after test to prove you’re worthy of advancing—prove to people who only know the conventional path in life?

We’ve heard these complaints from students at Harvard, Stanford, Dartmouth, and a whole slew of state universities!

Discover the Life of Creative Achievement Within You

Do you want to take advantage of your gap year and have an organized way to:

  1. Get your questions answered and learn new questions to ask so you can decide what to do with your future?


  2. Enjoy an experience of inspiration, challenge, and personally-chosen achievement?


  3. Get help tailored to your individual needs, provided by highly experienced and knowledgeable guides of young people?


  4. Create a dynamic project for yourself that will propel you into a successful and satisfying future?

For more details, listen to The Great Connections Gap Year Consulting Director, Marsha Familaro Enright, describe your journey in this podcast interview by Lennie Jarratt of The Heartland Institute, below.

“He that has satisfied the best minds of the time has lived for all times.”​
— Friederich Schiller​

How We Will Boost You

1. Explore
  • What are my capabilities and interests?
  • What kind of life do I want to live?
  • What kind of person do I want to become?
  • What ideas and skills do I need to create a life of adventure and achievement?
2. One-on-one consulting with a highly experienced educator of young adults who:
  • Won’t force-feed you ideas and goals, but will help you increase your ability to think for yourself and make your own good judgments
  • Will use methods known to increase reasoning skills and self-confidence
  • Will introduce you to life-changing thinkers and ideas
3. Train Your Mind to: 
  • Find the assumptions behind any set of ideas and judge whether the evidence shows they are true
  • Power your thinking by connecting ideas from one area of thought to others, a key practice of creativity
  • Discover the “cash value” of ideas – their consequences for you and the world

What We Offer

Eight Coaching Sessions to Set You Off On Your Adventure
Weeks 1 & 2: Mapping An Extraordinary Life

Who am I? What are my skills and capabilities? What do I most enjoy doing?

Using tools to help you reflect on and understand yourself so you can make good choices, we’ll conference with you on what you found and what you should do about it.

Week 3: Finding Your Strengths

Collaborative discussions with us on short readings from the greatest thinkers who have lived, chosen for your individual needs and interests. Through them, we’ll help you come up with a creative and productive project that will be a valuable asset to show future schools and employers. Projects can be in business, the arts, science, trades, crafts, athletics, or any other field of endeavor.

Weeks 4 & 5: Gaining Skills and Professional Help

A collaborative seminar on your project progress, along with connections to accomplished professionals who can mentor you in professional details to achieve success.

Week 6: Writing For Success

Introduction to a powerful method of writing unlike what you’ve been taught in school. We’ll show you the way professional novelists, advertising writers, successful business people, TV scripters, military commanders, comedians, and the best thinkers of all time write to get something done. This methodology will serve you well in school and for the rest of your life.

Week 7: Synthesizing Your Learnings

One-on-one review, guidance, and continued brainstorming on your project, especially how to bring it to fruition.

Week 8: Initiate and Implement

A final review of your work, what you’ve learned about yourself, and whatever else you need to set you off in the direction you want to go!


Eric, Marsha, Jake outside 2009
“He that has satisfied the best minds of the time has lived for all times.”​
— Friederich Schiller​

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