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Our proven 8-week Career Coaching Program prepares young people to boost their future & vigorously pursue a life of creative achievement.

We help young people achieve success!

Academic Coaching

Is college the right path? If so, what should you study and where? Which programs should you consider? Will that make you happy in the long run?


With expert help,  create a dynamic project that will propel you into a successful and satisfying profession.


Who am I? What are my skills and capabilities? What do I most enjoy doing? How do I make my best choices?

How It Works

8 Intensive Coaching Sessions

After your application is accepted, your designated counselor will design a rigorous and highly personalized 8-week course.

These sessions will help you learn and answer the most important questions you’ll ever ask of yourself.

Questions like:

  • What are my capabilities and interests?
  • What kind of life do I want to live?
  • What kind of person do I want to become?
  • What ideas and skills do I need to create a life of adventure and achievement?

Click below to download the coaching course rubric!

Does It Work?

Don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what past participants have said.

Eric, Marsha, Jake outside 2009

Still have questions? We've got you covered!

Students who have decided to take a gap semester or year, rather than “go” to college online and pay big bucks for a small experience.
Or students
disappointed that college classes are mostly like high school classes.
students sick of the factory approach to education and to their future, sick of putting one foot in front of the other down the assigned path to the assigned job their parents, their teachers,
their friends tell them is best.

Deep reading that will enable you to understand anything you read, no matter the subject.
Active listening critical to successfully collaborating with other professionally and personally.
Self-reflective abilities to understand yourself better.
Principles and practice in writing like the most successful professional writers in business, literature, film, the military, and science.

$1,100 for 8 weeks of highly individualized instruction, dialogue, and consultation, plus a vast array of valuable learning materials.

Your deeper understanding of yourself and the direction best for you, combined with increased creative reasoning, writing, and collaborative skills and the experience of implementing a project will not only excellently prepare you for your career, but create a portfolio of work to use in promoting yourself.

How to Get Started

Meet Your

Your coach will meet with you for a free initial counseling session to discuss your personal challenges, goals, and ambitions.


Following your planning session, you’ll submit a short application to that will help your coach tailor a unique program for you.


Embark on 8 weeks of rigorous, life-changing coaching sessions that will prepare you to pursue your academic, professional, and personal dreams.

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