The Great Connections is Everywhere! Podcast Interview, Radio Interview, WFMT and Real Clear Markets

Lennie Jarratt Interviews Marsha Familaro Enright
How The Great Connections Leap Year Helps Build A Free Society

You can hear me describe how we prepare young people to live as free, independent individuals in our Leap Year gap program — and why that’s so crucial especially today.

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Capitalism Vs. Socialism: Where’s the Good and Evil?

Many free society advocates have collected mountains of data to show the superiority of capitalism as a social system. Still, many are not convinced. I recently wrote an article for Real Clear Markets exploring the reasons why: Capitalism Is The Protector of the Smallest Minority.

On Friday, May 24th at 3:35 Eastern Daylight Time, I’ll be on Neal Asbury’s “Made in America” radio show talking about this topic. It’s on the Radio America Network in your area, or you can listen on the web here. Hope you can tune in!


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