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New Books Worth Reading

I recently read two contemporary books which each offered uniquely enjoyable and inspiring experiences, and learned of a third I want to read! The first

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Scandals and Blueprints

A NEW SCANDAL – OR NOT? Isn’t the admissions scandal just a new variation on a long time practice of the universities? Wealthy, legacy children

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Sanitizing a Classic

Sunny Arbarbanelli alerted me to the latest perversion of current culture: a version of Mark Twain’s famous anti-racism classic, Huckleberry Finn, in which offensive words

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The Thrill of Silicon Valley

Raymie Stata and Marsha Familaro Enright after a wonderful Great Connections Seminar weekend discussing Aristotle, Nietzsche, Dewey, Rand and others. We were totally spoiled by

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Sicily at Last

After enjoying the richness of Olympia, we skedaddled back to Athens and took a flight to Catania, Sicily the next day for the final leg

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Plumbing the Pelopponese

From Lesvos, we flew back to Athens and immediately boarded our coach for the Peloponnese. We had the services of an extremely knowledgeable historian as

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Learning in Lesvos

Aristotle’s Lagoon: Naturalist Filios Akriotis informs Ray Raad about the lush bird and sea life in the large inland body of salt water in the

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