About Patrick Peterson

Patrick officially joined the Great Connections Team in 2007 as a volunteer development consultant. His work includes donor and foundation searches, marketing and fundraising campaign consulting, and the Great Connections newsletter.

Pat has dedicated many years to the ideas of a free society. A long-time student of Ludwig Von Mises, Pat has been instrumental in the founding and development of several important organizations. He greatly increased the size and activity of the Libertarian Club of DuPage County, Illinois in the 1980s; he led the Heartland Institute‘s early development efforts, helping increase its budget and programming over twenty times in the first seven years. He went from Heartland to co-found and then run the Free Market Society of Chicago, dedicated to educational seminars and events. Currently, and he organizes the annual Mises Celebration Dinner in Silicon Valley. He continues his volunteer efforts for the San Jose State University Economics Department’s Provocative Lecture series, the Mont Hamilton Society, the Benjamin Rush Institute, and the Jefferson Club.

Pat resides in San Jose, California