Choose to live
a remarkable life


High school graduates…

Life is full of confusing options. College freshman who enter directly after high school frequently struggle. This is often due to a lack of confidence and self discovery.



What if the world’s greatest thinkers
could help you figure out your best path forward?


Now is the time when the choices you make have a big impact on the direction and quality of your life. College, business, the arts—whatever your direction, Great Connections will help you learn how to “Light Your Own Path” and gain the knowledge, mental powers, skills, and confidence you need to succeed.


Take your Leap

Are you tired of people telling you what you should do with your life? The world’s greatest thinkers can help you figure it out for yourself!


How does the Leap Program work?



Apply & schedule a video or in-person meeting with an exploration advisor.


Get accepted to the program & tell all your friends you begin in Sept, 2019.


20 weeks in Chicago and your choice of 10 weeks in the U.S. or abroad.


Why take a gap year?

These twenty colleges encourage gap years

✦ Harvard ✦ Yale ✦ University of Richmond ✦ Washington & Lee ✦ Middlebury College ✦ Texas Christian University ✦ University of Pennsylvania ✦ Carnegie Mellon ✦ Florida State University ✦ Lewis & Clark College ✦ Vassar College ✦ Colgate University ✦ Columbia University ✦ Wesleyan University ✦ Harvey Mudd College ✦ Colorado College ✦ Illinois Institute of Technology ✦ University of Alabama ✦ John Hopkins University ✦


Celebrating a decade of weekend & summer seminars by launching
our brand new Leap Year Program in 2019!


Great Connections Weekend Seminars

Explore riveting topics in 2 ½ day weekend seminars offering in-depth discussions, informative outings, and interaction with expert professionals. These deep dives will expose you to some of the greatest resources and thought leaders in human history.

Location: Various US cities
Who: Students 16-24 and working or retired adults

Great Connections Week-long Seminars

Radically strengthen your reasoning power and autonomy in a week-long seminar of collaborative conversations about topics ranging from physics to philosophy, sculpture to sociology; see how ideas shape the world around you in thought-provoking outings.

Location: Chicago & worldwide
Who: Students 16-24 (18+ worldwide)

Great Connections Leap Year Program

A nine month gap program in which you will get individual mentoring, build social skills, gain work experience, and fully explore your next steps forward. Radically improve your creative reasoning, independence, and self-confidence. Learn the knowledge you need to live as a free person.

Location: Chicago 20 weeks & US/abroad 10 weeks
Who: Students aged 18-24

Giving Empowers
Student Scholarships

As a 501-c3 non-profit, please consider sponsoring a worthy, ambitious student and enable them to get a real liberal arts education—referring to “liberal” in its original meaning—“suitable for a free person.”